Weekly Devotionals

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09/25/2019 Are You Rending Your Heart Or Renting Your Heart?
09/18/2019 Action Without Unction
09/11/2019 Piercing The Darkness
09/04/2019 Turn Out The Lights
08/28/2019 Finish The Race
08/21/2019 Dropping Anchor
08/14/2019 Stuck In The Mud
08/07/2019 That's True, But...!
07/31/2019 Chasing The Almighty Dollar
07/24/2019 Oz Never Did Give Nothing To The Tin Man That He Didn't Already Have
07/17/2019 Using Negatives To Develop
07/10/2019 Hit The Road Jack
07/03/2019 What Happened To Your Face?
06/26/2019 Freed To Be A Servant
06/19/2019 Get Over It
06/12/2019 The Heavenly Base Coach
06/05/2019 When The Saints Go Marching In
05/29/2019 Has The Grass Grown Over Your Path?
 The Lord Is My Masada
 Honesty Is Not The Best Policy, It Is The Only Policy 
 Living on the Right Side of But
05/01/2019 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Ole Oak Tree
04/24/2019 You Don't Have To Make A Big Splash
04/17/2019 Which God Have You Appeased?
04/10/2019 The Dangers Of Drifting
04/03/2019 Observations About Drifting
03/27/2019 Excuses Are Misalignments With Almighty God
03/20/2019 Taking Care Of Your Health To Take Care Of God's Business
03/13/2019 Being Painfully Tortured
03/06/2019 Victory Over Cancer
02/27/2019 When You Are Down To Nothing, God Is Up To Something-Part Two
02/20/2019 What Is Strangling You
02/13/2019 More Than Conquerors
02/06/2019 Eye Of The Tiger
01/30/2019 Behind The Eight Ball
01/23/2019 It Was Just My Imagination
01/16/2019 Shake It Off
 Don't Kill The Goose
01/02/2019 Too Important Not To Share
12/19/2018 Who Will You Worship - Santa Claus Or God
12/12/2018 Holiday Stress Busters
12/05/2018 Is There Another Ebenezer Besides Scrooge
11/28/2018  Spacecraft Lands On Mars
11/21/2018 Who Do Unbelievers Thank
11/14/2018 You Say To-May-To And I Say Ta-Mat-To
11/07/2018 When The Monster Of Politics Raises Its Ugly Head
10/31/2018 Senseless Killings
10/24/2018 Been Thinking About Recognition
10/17/2018 Too Important Not To Share
10/10/2018 The Midas Touch
10/03/2018 To God Alone Be The Glory
09/26/2018 The Same God Who Invented Giants Is Powerful Enough To Slay Them
09/19/2018 Don't Miss Your Blessing (Part 2)
09/12/2018 Don't Miss Your Blessing
09/05/2018 It's Showtime
08/29/2018 Jesus Will Not Slip Or Lose His Grip
08/22/2018 The Queen Is Dead
08/15/2018 Do You Only Pray When You Are In The Belly Of A Fish
08/08/2018 The Value Of Brokenness In Relationships
08/01/2018 Stressed To Kill
07/25/2018 Head Games
07/18/2018 When You Are Down To Nothing, God Is Up To Something
07/11/2018 Friendly Fire
07/04/2018 There's A Lion In The Streets
06/27/2018 Misery Loves Company But It Doesn't Have To Be You
06/20/2018 Go Somewhere And Get Quiet
06/13/2018 Dead Noses Smell No Roses
06/06/2018 Up On The Roof
05/30/2018 Three Perspectives Of Sin At The Cross
05/23/2018 God Will Not Nod On The Job
05/16/2018 Where Is Your Security?
05/09/2018 Distractions
05/02/2018 Do You Know Christ Or Do You Know Christ?
04/25/2018 The Traveler's Psalm 
04/18/2018 Marching Into Hell For A Heavenly Cause
04/11/2018 Never Let Them See You Sweat
04/04/2018   Your Whisper's Getting Louder
03/28/2018   Stand!
03/21/2018   Exposure To The Light Prevents Blindness
03/14/2018   Bumping Heads With Other Saints
03/07/2018   "Boy Do I Wish I Could Take That Back"
02/28/2018   Hope In The Midst Of Sadness
02/21/2018   Bless You!
02/14/2018    Love Is In The Air
02/07/2018    But I Don't Do That
01/31/2018   How Do You Help Someone Who Needs Help But Doesn't Want It?
01/24/2018   Baby It's Cold Outside
01/17/2018   The Old Hundredth
01/10/2018   So You Are In A Rut
01/03/2018   Thinking About New Year's Resolutions