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Integrating Our Faith with the Daily Grind of Life
According to 2 Timothy 3:16-17 the Bible is a book inspired by God that includes principles for daily living. It tells us what is right (doctrine), what is not right (reproof), how to get right (correction) and how to stay right (instruction in righteousness). Furthermore, it has everything we need to bring us to maturity (that the man of God may be perfect). One of the most practical books in the Bible on Christian living is the Book of James. This will be the focus of our study when Wednesday afternoon Bible Study resumes on January 13th. Pastor Glaze will deal with subjects such as Patience, Temptation, Obeying the Word, Brotherly Love, Good Works, Faith, The Tongue, Resisting the Devil, Praying for the Sick and much more. He will take get into the language of the Bible and break it down with clear and practical illustrations. Plan on joining us and invite a friend. If you need the ZOOM invitation number call 412-242-3255. Look forward to seeing you. 
If you need the ZOOM invitation number call 412-242-3255. Look forward to seeing you.


My faith in the midst of COVID-19 
Dr. Glaze has been responding to many questions concerning COVID-19, faith and God. Click on the question to read his response.
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Dr. William R. Glaze and other Christian leaders recently recorded a half-hour program offering people HOPE and encouragement in this time of upheaval. The program aired on Cornertstone Television ( To view this uplifting and encouraging message click on the title below.