Pittsburgh Institute of Biblical Studies
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This class will present the Biblical perspective on justice and examine specific current social justice issues, comparing how they line up with Scriptures. Even though we cannot cover all the social justice topics, we will look at the more relevant ones to our culture, such as Black Lives Matter, Systemic Racism, Climate Change, Diversity, and Politics. This class promises to be informational and inspirational.

Thursday (6 wks) April 8 - May 13 7:00 - 9:00 pm

The American Sign Language courses are a means of introducing students to deaf culture and sign language. Signing in a religious environment is also included in the coursework. Students will learn about deaf culture and socialization by attending deaf events. Upon completing the PIBS sign language curriculum, students will have the ability to communicate with deaf people with a basic understanding of deaf culture and introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Monday (6 wks) April 12 - May 17 7:00 -9:00 pm

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Ask The Pastor...
Watch Dr. William R. Glaze on "Ask The Pastor" on TCT TV network!
Viewers can phone, write, or email their questions about the bible or the christian way.  Questions are answered live on air by a panel of pastors from local churches.
The program airs live every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.
For more information or to watch the program on-demand,

My faith in the midst of COVID-19 
Dr. Glaze has been responding to many questions concerning COVID-19, faith and God. Click on the question to read his response.
If you have a question that you would answered click here.

During this time of "social distancing", join Dr. William R. Glaze and the Bethany Church Family for a virtual worship experience at www.bethanybaptist-pgh.org or at www.wordfm.com

Dr. William R. Glaze and other Christian leaders recently recorded a half-hour program offering people HOPE and encouragement in this time of upheaval. The program aired on Cornertstone Television (www.ctvn.org). To view this uplifting and encouraging message click on the title below.