About Us


The mission of Anchored In Jesus Ministries is to share Biblical resources with people (saved and unsaved) throughout the world through literature and various media outlets.


To bring individuals to spiritual maturity in the faith by presenting the uncompromising word of God through various media outlets.

Twenty years ago, Anchored In Jesus radio program was born out of an inspiration God gave to Dr. William R. Glaze. From its inception, Anchored In Jesus has been ministering and drawing people closer to God through its broadcasts. From its humble beginnings on AM stations WCXJ (1991), WPGR (1997), and WGBN (2005) to its current broadcast on WORD FM, Anchored In Jesus continues to reach listeners in the PA-OH-WVA tri-state area and also reaches listeners around the world via webcasts.

Anchored In Jesus Radio Program listeners have written about how God has changed their lives through Dr. Glaze’s preaching and teaching. Many visitors who have attended Sunday morning worship service at Bethany Baptist Church have attended as a result of hearing the radio program.

You can hear Dr. William R. Glaze on the Anchored In Jesus Radio Program on WORD-FM, 101.5, Monday through Friday from 7-7:30 p.m.


Write to us at: P.O. Box 24034, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Call us at: 1-877-831-5060

Email us at: Anchored In Jesus Ministries